ICU puking

Made it through the ayahuasca ceremony in Ecuador without throwing up but Chemo was too much for me.   3 days of eight-hour horse serum and 4 one hour chemo treatments has worn me right out.   The scariest part was when they all the docs gathered around and starting talking about my abnormal heart.  First thought was how can you have a heart operation with no platelets to stop bleeding.  That would be quite a pickle.   Turns out that Aortic Stenosis is fairly common and mine is not an immediate concern. Nothing that a regimen of Monte macro won’t fix up.

On Saturday Lisa said I had this “I don’t know whats going on” look on my face most of the day. And just kind of make a face when she said something.  I was so out of it that I would fade in and out of conversations and have the sensation of leaving for 30 seconds or so then coming back.  Very weird. She was glad to have me partially back Sunday and today.

Heading back up to the BMT floor in a few minutes to get my room that I’ll be in for a while.  Less machines and cords make for much better sleep and I can lose this flimsy gown that Christine Bella is so enamored of.

Day off from treatment tomorrow so Lisa and I are going to spend a relaxing day and maybe get some visitors.



Monday morning update

ICU haute couture

Lisa again, Tom’s resting as he didn’t sleep very well last night. He’s feeling pretty nauseous, but overall doing much better on this third day of ATG (horse serum) than he did on the first day of it. He’s almost half done with the 8-hour drip now and is taking a well-deserved, though a bit fitful, nap. Hopefully he’ll be up to posting later today. If not I’ll update if there is any news. (Still no visit from a cardiologist; we see this as good news.)