Bone Marrow Transplant Day

Here we see our heroine, Joanne, still sending emails!

Big Day Today.  Joanne is in prep for the Operating Room at 9AM.  Hers is the hardest part of the day.  They have to harvest bone marrow cells from the back of her hip bone, should take about two hours.  This is a procedure that they say is as painful as a fall on the ice that is sore for a week. We will see what she says.

Then at sometime between 1 and 3 today they transfuse the cells into me.  The doctors have told us that the next two weeks is the most important and difficult.  So here goes.

Thanks everyone for your calls, emails and posts.  My parents are in the room now as is Lisa, but actually it feels kind of feels like we are all in this together.

Love, Tom