Welcome, stem cells!

A day the Kelley family will never forget

Moment of a lifetime

A few pics of transplant day.  As profound a moment as we have ever had in our family.  Lisa, Mom, and Dad look on as post surgery Joanne in her wheelchair and I watch the last of her bonemarrow cells drip into my body.  Lots of tears.  Lots of openhearted words of gratitude as you can imagine.

Mary Alice handled all the logistics of the day with aplomb.

I don’t think Joanne knew quite the enormity of what she was doing til the Hospital Staff started wishing me happy birthday.  Which is tradition of transplant floors.

Thanks everyone for your prayers,  Love you all.

Transplant day update

Welcome, stem cells!

Yesterday was a big day, and took a lot out of Tom (but of course not as much as it did Joanne!) so he’s been resting most of the day today. He wasn’t up to posting yet, and since I’m not sure if he will be today, this is Lisa writing to let everyone know how it went.

Joanne was a trooper. She spent over two hours in the operating room and was feeling pretty rough from the anesthesia so she stayed in Recovery for a few hours afterward. She made it upstairs for an emotional visit to Tom’s room, along with their parents. She’s resting today at a family friends’ home in White Plains (thank you Joan and Dwight!) and is hopefully feeling better and plans to head back to Colorado tomorrow.

I’ll let Tom elaborate on the day and how it felt (physically and emotionally), when he’s up for it. I just wanted to give everyone an update and let you know how strongly all of your thoughts and prayers are being felt up here on the 8th Floor of MSK. Deep, deep gratitude. It will sustain us in the next leg of this journey, the 14-20 days of managing side effects and waiting for Tom’s blood counts to begin to rise from 0. That day will be another day of celebration.  More to come…

love, Lisa