Transplant day + 3

Thanks everyone for your great comments to this blog.  This has really become a group catharsis.  We are hearing from the far reaches of our lives and it is touching.  Heard from Pete Jazwinski, old football friend who I hadn’t spoken to in 27 years.  He was reminiscing about our morning training runs in the summer of 1980.  Incredible.  And former Marine buddys who are calling down the line and getting even more removed people into the group.  Or Lisa’s friends from Germany who I’ve met twice sending their heartfelt prayers.

But it is the tone in the voices that is the most warming.  Very little of the guardedness we see in our daily lives.  I guess something like this experience is so different from anything we come across in our normal life that it allows us to leave behind all the defenses we carry around with us to cope with what we deal with day-to-day.

In this special case it must be easier to open ourselves slightly to find the powerful words to convey a feeling.  This is fantastic.  I am a so moved by it all.

NOW,  if we could bring ourselves to say something special about those dearest to us, our spouses, children, brothers and sisters, friends, THEN we would REALLY be creating a movement.  And not just when they were in a tough place.  Maybe just say something tomorrow.

It is so cool to see this happen.  I don’t remember Kaskey telling me he loved me before.  But it felt damn good when he told me yesterday.  We are lifelong friends from 8th grade who have been through travails that could make a movie (would probably be a Will Ferrell movie but…) but our conversations have always been about the surface stuff.  When we cut through this it got very real very fast.  It was awesome.

Might be the Chemo fog but I like this forum.

Oh,  and funniest comment comes from Eric Daure who swears that the pic of me with my head sticking out of the blankets in the previous post looks like my head on a new-born infant’s body.  I agree.

Love and openness to all,