Musings from Sloan Kettering

Had a tremendous event last night, the first Skype call with Lisa and Leela.  In was absolutely incredible.  First sight was of Leela – big as life- in the bathtub.  Her eyes getting real wide “Hi Daddy”  Nothing like it.  We stayed on for 45 minutes through the bath, breastfeeding, jammys, putting dolls in a row, putting vitamin E on the little patch of sunburn on her back.  It was almost like being there.  Tempted to just leave in on all the time but we’ll ration it.

Up and down day today.  Got great sleep for the first time since being in here.  Interrupted by beeping and blood pressure readings etc. of course but big chunks of stick to the pillow sleep.  Lisa came in for the middle of the day and helped me with my shower.  Then had another foot massage from a group that volunteers at all the local hospitals.  I told them to fit me in whenever they could.  Very nice.  Then the physical therapist showed up and put me through my exercises.  Leg lifts, step ups, range of motion stuff.  My room is about 12 feet by 10 feet so you have to manufacture any physical activity.  So the PT person is going to be a real key part of my recovery and ability to go home.

Then I made my biggest mistake since I’ve been here.  I had a craving for Stoeffers pizza.  Yesterday I had a little pasta with Maranara so I thought this might be ok.  This is after just dabbling in toast and peanut butter and apple sauce in the days prior.  So Lisa got me a microwave pizza (there is no toaster to use so this had to be the way to prepare it.)  Then Lisa left to go home and Terry Quinn was just coming in to visit.  Turns out I ate it too fast.  Like in about 2 minutes.  Could barely stand the smell and texture of it so wanted to get it over with.  THEN I asked the nurse for anti nuasea medicine.  She said,   “Your supposed to take that before you eat”  …..At this point there’s no stopping the inevitable,   Just divide the time it took to eat by 8 and that’s how long it took to leave.  Practically had it in the same exact configuration.  Horrible.  Quinny (who has seen many horrible sights like this- some this past weekend at the Weston Reunion – Jud you made the blog!) admitted later to the nurse that this one had got to him.

So I am having a few spoonfuls of apple sauce tonight to get rid of the empty stomach feeling and will live to fight another day.  Needless to say Stoeffers is off the list for good.

Got funny response from the Knock Knock joke.  Some loved it, some got it on a delayed basis and some not at all.  Great work to Divico for stretching our minds.

Love to all,



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Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

4 Responses to Musings from Sloan Kettering

  1. Nanci Dailey says:

    Hi Tom, Your blog is the first thing I go to everyday even if there’s nothing new yet. It feels like you are an astronaut way out there exploring places we have never been -sending back reports and we can see pictures of you inside the space shuttle/hospital bed. The perseus meteor shower will be coming your way on Wednesday and Thursday nights- shooting stars of grace! Did you know that we are literally made up of the same stuff as stars? Thinking of your new star material ramping up. Love, Nanci

  2. john says:

    When John wanted to know what a Stouffer’s frozen dinner was (when you mentioned them the other night) you should have taken that as a sign that young people (less than a week old, especially) should not be eating, much less inhaling, that stuff. And when you can’t stand the smell or texture of food, you don’t wolf it down! It’s making me ill just thinking about it. OK, enough unsolicited advice from your big sister. The other parts of the day sounded stellar. But thanks for sharing the good/bad/ugly. PT sounds great.

  3. john says:

    Tom told me I can no longer apologize but I’m apologizing for my knee jerk comment above. Plus, when I just asked John what he wanted for lunch he said, “Can I have a TV dinner?”
    Talked to Tom today and he sounded great. I am feeling somewhat better too.

  4. Rita B says:

    Hysterical Tom. It’s been said before…but who knew you were such a comedian, in writing.

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