Transplant Day +7

No thanks, cereal please.

Hi everyone, Lisa posting…

Tom’s feeling a bit low today, as expected (his white blood count has bottomed out to zero, or “nadir” as they call it here). He’s napping now; he had asked me to post an update for him.

Today they start the GCSF injections, which is a bone-marrow growth factor. They warned us of some bone pain over the next few days as the bone marrow is being “fertilized” for faster growth.

Now, we wait. And try to get him to eat a bit more each day. Today is cereal, probably corn pops. Comfort food, indeed. (Frozen french bread pizzas be banned from our house for all time…)

Will post again with any news. And when Tom’s feeling better he’s got a post teed up; just needs the energy to type it out.

Love, Lisa