Moving on up to the east side, to a deeeluxe apt in the sky

Good day today. Most of the grumpiness from yesterday dissipated today. I think it might be just the ups and downs of isolation, claustrophobia, and not knowing whether you’re hungry or nauseous.

Started a new visitor/guest format that might be a keeper. Formulated after a late night talk show theme, we had Shawn in one chair, Jordan Forth as the next guest in the door, and Glenn Schloss as the musical guest (showed up with a drum for some healing rhythm, or at least I can play along with all the beeping). Maybe we’ll call it “Talk Between the Beeps.” I was a little easier on these guys than Zach is with his guests:

I was much nicer than this...

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Ben Stiller

Then the guy from Body & Soul counseling came in for some soulful talk. Turns out he knew the guru from Ananda Ashram 30 years ago.

Major new developments. Getting moved tomorrow to a corner room. Bigger, with two big windows facing the street (rather than a brick wall, which is the alternative). This will be great for so many reasons, especially as my physical training regimen kicks into high gear.

Second major development was my hair starting to fall out in the shower today. This is a major milestone, eagerly awaited, and will be celebrated tomorrow in a ritual that hasn’t been performed since my Marine Corps days (The Unveiling of the Scars). I will be Skyping some of you at random just for the effect of bursting my head up on your screen with a bald sheen.

Food log today: Applesauce, Corn Pops with soy milk, Applesauce again (ejected), half a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

Quinny logged in with his third visit. Running away with the non-family category.

Namaste. (The light in me, sees the light in you.)

love, Tom