Tom's new look

Yesterday's Skype call with Tim

Another pic of my shaved head and screen grab of Tim the night after I witnessed his wife Chellie’s fine scalping. She looked like such a natural doing it.  Maybe 5 swipes.  Like shearing a sheep.  Would be nice to get a selective show of support from some of my other friends,  Lets see… Kaskey, Damon, Tyler, Dad, Scott O’brien, Matt True, Vining,  Jerry, Drew Rozell, McKee…how about it?

Good couple of days this weekend. They have my blood pressure under control and tonight I took the last of the Chemo drugs. Still about a week to see my new immune system come to life so praying and meditating on that being achieved. The new room is working out great. Room to walk around and be a little more active. Goatee falling out. Was grey and old-seeming anyway.

Nice visit from my parents and their friend Judy yesterday.  Great to see them for the first time since the transplant. They got to sample the new couch. A few days before that Lisa’s parents Dave and Pat were in before they went back to Michigan. Also very nice.

Got a great report on Trey Bo’s second birthday party from Leela on the phone tonight. Trey Bo’ is one of Leela’s boyfriends. Lisa tells me Trey was walking around naked and Leela was following him around with his pants. Oh boy. Daddy’s away for a few weeks……  And Mary Alice,  my dear friend Mary Alice, what’s with the post yesterday? This is a family blog, tell me someone highjacked your computer or something. I’m afraid I am forced to put you on the probationary watch list for future posts of yours.

Love and light to all of you,

Jamming out at Trey Schloss' 2nd birthday party