.1, .2, .3

My white blood counts, though still a rounding error, have been ticking up the last three days.  The doctor said that this is a “trend”.  This came as pretty cool news to Lisa and I today.  Remember, normal white counts are in the 4.0-11.0 range (mine were hovering around 2.0 before I came in the hospital) so these are tiny readings.  But the trend is what we are looking for.  Guardedly excited.

Quinny and Jim Presbrey just left after a marathon visit.  I was sick to my stomach when they came but feel better from all the laughing at the old war stories.

Ventured into bagel land today.  Had about a third of a cinnamon raison bagel with decent results.

Three weeks in the hospital today.  Am so pleased with how things are going in Nyack.  Lisa is harried as can be trying to wear three or four hats at once, but she is doing a great job with Leela.  Approaching two years old she is bound to be getting fussy sometimes but most of the time she is a delightful, insightful, curious adorable little kid.  She woke up this morning and declared to Lisa, “Daddy….Nurses….Beeping”  then another time connected that both Daddy and Madeline (her favorite bedtime book character who had to have her appendix out) where in the hospital.  21 months!  The various settings that Lisa is dropping her off at to come see me are broadening her and she seems to be thriving.  Shout outs to MA, Elena and Glen, Kris, Rita, Dave and Pat, Rhonda and anyone who I’m forgetting.

Will post my numbers tomorrow.