Patience for the patient

White blood count yesterday was .3 and then today was………   .2     I had been thinking of it as a straight line to big numbers but they tell me that’s not how it works.  It’s an up and down wave until the numbers really begin to pick up steam.  So they said to be patient and by next week we can hope for some strong 1.0 or aboves.  My type of transplant takes a little longer to “take” so we will just have to wait. This is the URL to a blog my sister wrote about this process from her perspective.  Pretty cool and getting a lot of true life stories from posters.

My brother Larry and his wife Jessica had their second child yesterday.  A little girl named Rose.  Exciting times.

Special prayers are going out from many of us in the Nyack Men’s and Women’s Circles for a friend of Leela’s named Astraea.  She is the daughter of our good friends David and Camillia and has been diagnosed with leukemia and is going through Chemo and making some progress getting into the lower risk categories.  I have a lot of time to my self in here to think so when I read Davids blog about it I laid down on my bed , shut my eyes and thought about what that would be like.  Leela in the hospital and me and Lees at home.  Excruciating.  Multiples worse than you going through it.  May the Great Spirit gather some extra energy for Astraea’s full recovery.

Some great visitors the last few days.  Shawn, Jenny, MA, Weldon (for 5 minutes, he drove all the way down from Cooperstown but didn’t want to contaminate me) and night sessions with Glenn, Doug, Micheal from the mens circle in a surprise visit,  And Eric’stotle” last night for some seriously varied and random discussions on the history of pre religion down to watching Hagler/Hearns war on youtube (First round might have been the best in boxing history.)

Lisa is off to PA tomorrow for work til Wednesday, so Leela gets to go to Camp Taney in Old Saybrook.  After many awesome offers to keep Leela for a few days from people the Taneys were chosen for the beach location and their delightful three daughters 8-12,   who Leela calls collectively “Taney girls”.  She loves them.

Love to all,