less ornaments on the IV tree

The nurse started to read our counts to us morning and said 6.5 for whites. Then she said no that’s the wrong chart.   Yours is ……10.4!  So the whites ( the infection fighters have stormed in.  The Reds are steady and the platelets are usually the last to come in so we are seeing some huge progress.

I do have a boil type thing on my leg near my calf that they are taking an ultrasound of today to see what it is.  It hurts and is making mobility tough.   Hopefully this won’t slow me down.  Lisa is back from her work gig in PA and will reunite with Leela this afternoon.  Then Lisa has some big boxes to check off as far as getting the house car etc. ready for my return.  Everything needs to be so sanitary to keep away infections.

So we could be within a week or less from getting out of this room and back to Nyack to start what they call the first 100 days.  Lots of medicines,  2 or 3 trips a week to SKettering for clinics, very carefully making sure I’m not exposed to anything. Would be very helpful to have some options of transportation down to the city.  Can’t take train or bus so if anyone has an empty seat maybe we can link up.

Notice the almost empty IV tree.  Must be trying to get me out the door.

Love to all and don’t forget Eric’s Limerick contests from the last posts comments.

Love, Tom