Outta here!


Got home yesterday at around 4pm.  Fairly smooth exit from hospital.  Very surreal day.  Was completely wiped out by the time the wheelchair got me to the door at the street.  Jenny helped Lisa and I get all the stuff down to the car.  After a month of one room, just to be exposed to so much is exhausting.  No traffic up 87 to Nyack, beautiful day helped although my knee was killing me from all the inactivity the last few days in the room (had swelled feet so couldn’t get around well).

Once home, surprised Leela at the dinner table. (See YouTube video here)  Got the greatest reaction ever.  Waiving her arms around saying Daddy.  Unreal.  Good to be home; but again, as little energy as I can remember having.  Just a zombie waiting for bedtime.  Hence no phone calls or posts.  Pretty good sleep flipping around in our bed.  Lisa and I trying to get the hang of all the pills I need to take on a strict schedule.  Had a bowl of cereal this morning and feel semi-human.  We go in for clinic visits tomorrow and Wednesday so still kind of tethered to Sloan.  All in all, a huge couple of days.

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Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

16 Responses to Home

  1. Paul says:

    Welcome home!! Let us know if you need anything!

  2. b kaskey says:

    Looking good. keep it up

  3. Victoria Goddard says:

    wow… all I can say is wow. I have so many emotions right now thinking about you on the back side of the transplant and facing this challenging healing journey ahead. It worked! Surrounding yourself with all of this love and support and positive healing energy was brilliant. I think it has made all of us aware of the power of our tribe, especially in times of crisis.

    We will all be here for this next step. I hold in my thoughts being there when you make your first appearance back at a Monte workshop. I can’t wait.

    REST! Much love to you all, Victoria

  4. Nina (N.A.) Nelson says:

    Daddy home. So darn cute.

  5. bouncy says:

    Welcome home!

  6. michael s says:

    Tom – welcome back to Nyack!

  7. Elizabeth Saury says:

    welcome home!! I know this isn’t over, but think how much faster you will get better being HOME!!!

  8. Sean Brannon says:

    welcome home, and welcome to your next 100 days…let’s keep it rollin’

  9. Libby Luther says:

    Where’s the YouTube link? I didn’t see it.

  10. Paula Yolles says:

    Watching the video makes me cry. I’m so glad you are home with your family!! Seeing your beautiful girl loving you and you loving her… the joys of life. 100 days and blessings on the ways.

    Feet swelling– not sure if this will work for you but it did for me when I was pregnant and for my grandma in her elder years. Take am organic cabbage, peel off some leaves and crumple them, spread open the leaves and wrap them around your feet and swollen legs, then wrap a towel around to keep the leaves in place for a good 15 or more minutes. Something in the cabbage mimics (estrogen?) and helps pull out swelling. Repeat a few times through the day. WARNING– Do Not Eat the cabbage afterward as you may turn into a weird looking werewolf (well on second thought maybe you do want all the hair). Love and blessings and light, Paula

  11. Kathy MacDougall says:

    Just amazing! So excited for you!!

  12. Mark says:

    Congrats……Home at last and Fox Soccer’s been waiting for your return to the EPL. Stay thirsty my friend!

  13. Damon says:

    Great News Tom! Everyone’s prayers for you are being answered. Let me know if you find yourself in a last-minute jam for transport: my van would probably work well. We love you.

  14. Veeks says:

    awesome video!!! Will see you soon, get rested and well…Scotland awaits my friend…

  15. shohreh says:

    Dear Tom
    i am so happy that you are feeling better . You are in my prayer every day .
    Love Shohreh

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