Worn out but doing well

Last few days has been like someone removed my batteries.  Going from a room for 40 days where everyone brings you what you need, to a house with stairs has been wild.  Lowest energy that I can remember in my life.  Lisa is an angel but now she is doing everything she did before and picking up after me.

We went to  “clinic” at Sloan Kettering  yesterday and go back Tomorrow and Friday.  Doctors said I was doing well with counts and they jockeyed my meds around a little to find the right combo’s for optimum health.  Walked all the ways into the hospital and waited in the waiting rooms.  It is harder doing that after being in a room than before.  Had to sit for a 2 hour fluid drip.  Got a little nap.  Lisa and I are about the same level of wiped out so that works on one level.

Took a drive with family downtown and to the water today.  Stayed in the car as it is sweltering.  Was really nice though.  Sorry I am not returning calls like before.  Just can’t sustain the energy to talk or call.  Soon though.  They say the first few weeks are the hardest of this.

Parents are coming to watch Leela tomorrow from 8a – 3p or so.  They will feel like me after that one.  Leela has so much energy and so may phrases and words its incredible.  She just starts singing OLD McDonalds out of nowhere.  We did not teach it to her.  She has picked up all kinds of stuff in her summer of surfing families.  She is an adorable wonder to behold.  Eats like Eric Daure.  That’s a lot.

Thank you so much for the prayers and kind words.  They mean a lot now.  Angels all of you.

Love and weary hugs,