Worn out but doing well

Last few days has been like someone removed my batteries.  Going from a room for 40 days where everyone brings you what you need, to a house with stairs has been wild.  Lowest energy that I can remember in my life.  Lisa is an angel but now she is doing everything she did before and picking up after me.

We went to  “clinic” at Sloan Kettering  yesterday and go back Tomorrow and Friday.  Doctors said I was doing well with counts and they jockeyed my meds around a little to find the right combo’s for optimum health.  Walked all the ways into the hospital and waited in the waiting rooms.  It is harder doing that after being in a room than before.  Had to sit for a 2 hour fluid drip.  Got a little nap.  Lisa and I are about the same level of wiped out so that works on one level.

Took a drive with family downtown and to the water today.  Stayed in the car as it is sweltering.  Was really nice though.  Sorry I am not returning calls like before.  Just can’t sustain the energy to talk or call.  Soon though.  They say the first few weeks are the hardest of this.

Parents are coming to watch Leela tomorrow from 8a – 3p or so.  They will feel like me after that one.  Leela has so much energy and so may phrases and words its incredible.  She just starts singing OLD McDonalds out of nowhere.  We did not teach it to her.  She has picked up all kinds of stuff in her summer of surfing families.  She is an adorable wonder to behold.  Eats like Eric Daure.  That’s a lot.

Thank you so much for the prayers and kind words.  They mean a lot now.  Angels all of you.

Love and weary hugs,


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Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

10 Responses to Worn out but doing well

  1. Tim Kelley says:


    Great to hear from you! Understandable on the postings/calls slowing. Anyone would be slowed tremendously by a month in a bed, then out into the world (let alone NYC)…especially with what you’ve been through. The senses alone must be working overtime, taking in everything in the outside world. Lisa- you are a rock star!!

    P.S. Mom and Dad (GrandMa and GrandPa to Leela) taught Leela Old McDonald’s Farm on the drive back from Daman’s in Darien. Mom said- “she just loved – “and a moo moo there.”)

    Sending you positive energy,

  2. Charlie Bounty says:


    Great to hear you are home! The muscles and energy will come back slowly. How nice it must feel to be home with your wife and daughter. As every one of these 100 days go by you will get stronger and stronger. It may not happen as quick as you want, but it will happen! Congrats on a great comeback to date! Maybe you do have more intestinal fortitude than The Gripper!

  3. Rita B says:

    While having a play date with Leela, Monday, twice she tried food, then pulled up her shirt, looked at her stomach and said “don’t like it” as she pointed to her stomach. Note: pineapple and tuna. She thoroughly enjoyed a story on how camels got their humps and liked napping in Daniel’s bed, arms behind her head, with a stuffed penguin> She is the easiest, smartest most adaptable and observant little person ever. and i will return her shoes later.

  4. Donna Kwiatkowski says:

    Thanks for making the effort to post as you and Lisa are both so worn out. Rest and get strong. I think most of us can wait a couple of days to hear from you. So glad you got out to the be at the water. Love and all good things heading your way from Michigan. Love to all – Donna

  5. Veeks says:

    Great to hear…keep it going and rest…Scotland will be there…

  6. jim van huysse says:

    take it easy Tom! so grateful you’re back and the counts are where they are. Brian C. told us about his visit w/ you last week. thanks for thinking of us.

    much love,


  7. Bruce Kaskey says:

    “I’m too tired to talk”

    or as mark von said “i’m to big to talk”

  8. Vern Kaskey says:

    Bruce has kept us up-to-date on your battle. Keep up the good work, and know Sandi and I are praying for you. Love, Vern & Sandi

  9. Vining says:

    Duuude!! So happy to hear that you are home! I know that it’s tough on the family, again.. wish that we were at least close enough to drive to you.. I can’t tell how great it feels to hear how well you have been doing! Nevertheless.. the battle is not yet won.. There is still much work to be done, but I am confident that you & leesa will do great. So glad to have you home.. Semper Fi!

  10. Anne Tinkham says:

    I’m following your posts and just got caught up after a week. Wow, you have come a long way in such a short time! As a nurse myself, I wonder how you as the patient touched their lives with your positive spirit……….. All you have been through, the challenges you faced and will face, what will be in store for you. I can’t help thinking how even more insightful you have become and how that will help all that you touch. A little deep but I always have believed that there is a reason for our “experiences” and what you do with them can be amazing. Bye the way, you have to get better to see your fan club at our HS reunion next year!!

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