Out of Suffering…Beauty

We have noticed a lot of suffering happening.  On a global level and on a local, more immediate level.  Lots of people facing real problems and challenges.  People going through all manner of new, inexplicable tests of their faith and resolve.  Sometimes it seems like we all are either suffering or helping out someone out someone else who is suffering.  Almost has an all hands on deck kind of feel to it sometimes.  Like the Great Spirit (God, Universe, etc.) is tapping us on the shoulder saying, “Hey!, pay attention.  This is the real deal”.

The following poem was written by a man named Trent Sheehan.  He has a little girl with Aplastic Anemia.  From his heart he brings a really important message to us all in these times of suffering and challenge.

One Eye On Eternity

The coffee machine gurgles,

Smelling like consciousness,

Bitter, pungent, yet somehow appealing.

I wait, with one eye on eternity

And one eye on my coffee.


Rosy cheeked girls, who need no coffee

For their consciousness,

Cry out for cartoons and peanut butter sandwiches.

I shuffle to the kitchen with one eye on eternity

And one eye on the peanut butter.


Frenzy of shoes, clothes;

Wash your face, there’s peanut butter on it.

We have to go hit the road,

With one eye on eternity

And one eye on the interstate.


Familiar roads, grown automatic with repetition.

Sign in, hold her arms with grim set-jawed determination

As blood is drained, or added,

With one eye on eternity

And one eye on the doctor.


Evening, and a quiet hour

Winding down as thought replaces action

Searching for some prayer that feels real

With one eye on eternity

And one eye turned inward



Watch her glow

At some tiny pleasure.

Hold her close and feel her tiny heart.

Breathe her in

With both eyes on her smile,

Because eternity can wait.


By Trent Sheehan

About tomkelley
Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

6 Responses to Out of Suffering…Beauty

  1. Nina (N.A.) Nelson says:

    Beautiful, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Trent says:

    I am proud that these words inspired you to share them with others. It is a theme that I repeat to everyone around me. Don’t wait for something to derail your life before you start living it. There are so many things crowding our attention these days and we tend to find routines within the chaos. Drifting along on auto pilot, putting out fires at work and home we are lulled to sleep. Then one day you wake up and you are old, sick and tired and your kids are grown. These moments of beauty we have along the way should be savored. None of us is promised tomorrow. I hope this poem inspires everyone who reads it to stop and enjoy someone they love. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Dave & Pat Larson says:

    That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Paula Yolles says:

    Wow! I’m at a loose for real words to explain my inner feeling. Thanks for sharing that with us and blessing on Trent and his daughter. Blessings on us all. Blessings on the world.

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