Year ago today

We are coming up on all the anniversaries.  Today is the day one year ago when we got the call from the Dr. in the middle of the night telling me to go to the emergency room.  Which I did, and didn’t come out til 2 days later knowing I needed a bone-marrow transplant.  It has been an incredible year.

My latest Dr. visit was Thursday.  My whites reds and platelets were up and all markers were on target.  Except for a highly elevated cyclosporene level, which I had to go in Monday and get retested (turned out to be a lab error a little scary though), everything looks good so far.  I feel healthy.  Still not gaining much weight.

Had a pre Fathers Day Men’s workshop on Saturday that went great.

Lisa and Leela and I are driving (still not allowed to fly) to Michigan today to see Lisa’s family.  We are going via Cooperstown (to stay with the Weldon’s) and Niagra Falls.  Should be a great adventure.

Leela starts part time nursery school when we get back.  Thanks to her new sitter of the last few months Rose, Leela can count to 20… spanish.  She is ready to rock and roll.

Best to everyone and breathe deeply today.






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Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

7 Responses to Year ago today

  1. bouncy says:

    So glad if was just a laboratory mess-up. A lab goof!

    • Joy Thiede says:

      So nice to hear that your stats are good. I told Lisa that we were having a Summer Solstice ceremony at the apacheta in the park, Sunday, June 26 1 PM. Slim chance you guys will be around but thought I’d tell you. Nikki would have my h and c number. I hope the weather is nice for you. TC is one of my favorite places. I like it in the winter. I know Nikki really wanted to be able to catch up with the three of you, but is very busy at work, with B
      ella and getting settled at her new place. Many Blessings All, Munay, Joy ( Nikki’s mom)

  2. Patty says:

    Happy to hear such good news on this bad news anniversary!
    Stay well friend.

  3. Al Konigsberg says:

    Glad to hear the Father’s Day men’s workshop went well. Enjoy your

    Al Konigsberg

  4. Hiya Tom!

    Just thinking of you and wanting to see what’s doin’ in your world.

    If you’re up for a phone chat, let me know. I’d love to catch up.

    Sending hugs to you and your family!


  5. William Weldon says:

    Tom, Lisa and Leela,

    Thanks for a joyous 36-hour extravaganza in Cooperstown with good BREW at Cooperstown’s Ommegang Brewery. Lisa is a lot of fun and what patience to detour to the Carrier Dome for photos which if you look on the map is not exactly on the way to Niagara Falls from Cooperstown (I didn’t look at a map so maybe I’m wrong). Leela could be on TV with Regis in the morning. She’s got good material and even better delivery. She can hold court just like her Dad.

    Love you all — and be safe,


  6. William Weldon says:

    CORRECTION: Upon further review, I should not have questioned Tom’s decision to stop at the Carrier Dome. After looking at the map, the Syracuse Orange’ Carrier Dome is exactly en route from Cooperstown, NY to Niagara Falls, NY which is amazingly due West of Cooperstown and right near Buffalo, NY and appears to be very close to Ohio. So, I learned something today! Bill Weldon

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