Happy Marine Corps BDay

Been a while since I’ve posted here.  Things are going well.  We are all fighting colds. Marched in the Nyack Halloween parade. Picture below.  Had my 30th High School reunion and Transplant survivor reunion (picture below) in the past month.  Leela is turning 3 this Sunday.  Lisa is still a Warrior Goddess.  Life is happening.  Feels good to be in life as opposed to looking at it through the window like last year.

How to cherish it though, that is the question.  How to live totally on purpose.  I have some ideas.  I am polishing some things up that will be ready for public use soon.  So in the mean time the thought is the same.  Be awake.  Be aware.  Be the positive vibes we would like to take in from the world.  Then we are on the path.

The Queen of Hearts and Daddy and Baby Panda marching up Broadway

Amy (had transplant one week after me), Me, Dr Castro, and Peter, a 23 year survivor of Aplastic Anemia who keynoted the reunion

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Counselor, facilitator at LifeLeadersForum, father of a little angel and husband of a Goddess

One Response to Happy Marine Corps BDay

  1. Vining says:

    Dude.. you look great! Hard to believe that you have a beautiful wife and daughter.. don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as hell for you! Just hard to believe that the single “life-time bachelor” that I knew has grown into this wise (well.. that’s debatable!) and well respected family man! Kinda cool though.. Hey, I’m moving to Miami in the Spring.. will be on the East coast again.. I’ll do my best to hook up and meet the family, ok? Give them my best! Take care & Semper Fi!!


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